New Physiotherapy Clients

New clients are always welcome and we also really appreciate and are honored when our current patients refer their friends and family members to our Burnaby Physiotherapy Clinic

A referral from your doctor is not required to receive Physiotherapy. However, WCB and ICBC claims and some private insurance companies require a doctors referral before providing extended coverage, so it is best to check your personal plan.

Medical Services Plan will cover 10 visits per year for individuals with premium assistance. Please call us to check whether you are eligible for MSP coverage.

Fees for Physiotherapy

  • Private Initial/Subsequent Visit – $70.00
  • Private Extended Visit – $95.00
  • Private One-on-One (60 min) – $125.00
  • ICBC – $35.00
  • MSP – $25.00
  • WCB – No additional fee
  • We accept cash, debit, or cheques

Please Bring the Following to Your Physiotherapy Appointment

  • Doctor’s referral (if you have one)
  • Personal Health Number (Care card)
  • ICBC Patients – Dr. Referral, claim #, case manager’s name and number
  • WCB Patients – Dr. Referral, claim #, case manager’s name and number
  • Shorts – Recommended if you are being treated for a back, hip, upper leg, or knee problem. We also have lovely gowns for your convenience