Myofascial Release Burnaby

Myofascial release and massage are hands-on techniques used by our Burnaby Massage Physiotherapists involving the manipulation of soft tissue effecting a change in the surrounding tissue and structures. It is a soft tissue treatment for acute and chronic injuries.

“Myo” is the prefix used to denote muscle and “fascia” is a strong fibrous connective tissue that supports and protects most structures within the human body. This muscle and fascial tissue can become restricted due to injury, chronic overuse, inactivity or poor postures, disease, infections as well as other causes. Restrictions in these tissues often lead to diminished blood flow, restricted mobility, muscle tension, and pain. Improving the restrictions in the fascia and its corresponding muscles is the focus of myofascial treatments conducted by our Burnaby Massage Physiotherapists.

Myofascial Release and Massage Treatment Can Aid In:

  • Decreasing myofascial restrictions
  • Releasing muscular tension or spasm
  • Improving circulation bringing in fresh oxygen and nutrients
  • Improving joint mobility
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Enhancing lymphatic drainage and removing metabolic waste products

This manipulation of soft tissue ultimately helps to enhance healing, break the pain-spasm-pain cycle and more importantly bring back that smile and get you back to where you belong.