Laser Therapy Treatment Burnaby

Laser Treatment is an effective, safe, non-invasive and drug-free treatment modality.

Our Burnaby Physiotherapy Clinic has recently acquired one on the most advanced therapeutic laser units available. It is the super pulsed, high-powered “Theralase” unit. This laser simultaneously delivers nine beams of laser light into your tissues. There are 5x “super-pulsed” 905 nm near infrared laser diodes combined with 4x 660nm red light laser diodes, offering average power from 0 to 100 mW and peak power up to 50 W, allowing for optimal tissue dosiometry and an incredible 4″ depth of penetration. Laser Therapy is used for treating injuries and lesions to help promote healing and reduce pain.

We Regularly Use Laser Therapy to Treat Sport Related Injuries and Soft Tissue Ailments Such As:

  • Soft tissue injuries such as muscle strains, low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, tendonitis, ligament sprains, bursitis, heel pain etc.
  • Wound healing and cutaneous ulcers
  • Shingles

Therapeutic lasers utilize a wavelength of monochromatic light in the 630 to 905 nanometer (nm) range, known as the “therapeutic window”. A wavelength of 905 nm has the least absorption in this “therapeutic window”, due to the primary influence of melanin. In the 630 to 905 nm range, the 905 nm wavelength is absorbed least by the skin and hence provides the greatest penetration of photons into the underlying tissues. It is this principle which creates the ability to “inject” photons of energy harmlessly into tissue, “energizing” or “bio stimulating” this tissue into an accelerated rate of healing.

The purpose of a low level laser is to stimulate. The lower energy levels and the unfocused light beam do not impart large amounts of energy. They do provide enough energy to excite the mitochondria and cause it to undertake big-chemical reactions.

The mitochondria once stimulated by the application and infusion of light energy, produces enzymes and ATP. Cells communicate and operate using chemical signals – enzymes. Low level Laser Therapy is safe because cells have a natural ability to resist over-stimulation. It is not possible to harm tissue by overdosing.

The energy produced by a Theralase Laser can be directed at damaged tissue cells, and by giving the cell a massive energy boost, helps to speed up the healing process. Lasers have been shown to improve the repair of tissues, from injuries such as muscle strains/sprains, ligament and tendon injuries, open wounds and bone injuries including fractures and joint dysfunction.

For more information concerning Laser Treatments, please visit the Theralase website at (link will open in a new Browser Window).