Athletic Taping & Bracing Burnaby

Physiotherapist at Mark Kroeger Burnaby Physiotherapy have the knowledge and skills to apply professional Athletic Taping and Bracing which helps to:

  • Protect areas from injury
  • Protect from re-injury
  • Support joints, muscles, and nerves
  • Enhance proprioception
  • Facilitate healing
  • Allow for an earlier return to activity

Athletic Taping should be used in conjunction with a proper rehabilitation program that incorporates strengthening, stretching, proprioceptive and mobility exercises.

Athletic Taping has numerous applications and is always a custom fit for your personalized need. Postural Taping is a way to communicate to your body proper alignment. There are also methods of Athletic Taping which support nerves by unloading them and helps reduce referred nerve pain. Taping is also commonly used to support ligaments such as your Medial Collateral or Lateral Collateral ligaments of the knee, as well as ligaments of the ankle, shoulder and wrist.

Returning to your sport after an injury is a priority for any athlete. Bed rest is a proven antagonist to healing. The term “rest” should not be confused with immobilization. Instead, think of rest as protected activity and force overload sparingly. This allows healing. Therefore, Athletic Taping is on your side giving you support and protection to keep you moving progressively back to health. Taping is not a substitute for your muscles and ligaments but rather it is an aid to help your body heal.